How long does slime last?
The longevity of slime varies from type to type, some may get sticky over time and some may get stiff. Well looked after slime is sure to last months.

What are your slime recipes?
We keep our individual recipes top secret, but all are made with base ingredients of glue, borax and baking soda. Other ingredients include shaving foam, baby oil, food-grade colouring and fragrance oils. If you have any specific skin allergies please get in touch so that we can advise you on suitable products.
What is the recommended minimum age for slime?
Many of our slimes contain small charms, due to the choking hazard associated with this, we do not recommend slime for any child under the age of 3. We know that all kids are different, so please choose your slimes carefully depending on the developmental stage your little one is in. 
Can i cancel my order? Or receive a refund?

Please see our Delivery & Returns page for our full policies on returns, cancellations and deliveries. 

Can i customise my slime?

Please contact us, either via email or on our instagram @rainbowstarcraftsco, to start a discussion with us about whether we can make a custom slime for you or your little one.